Can a team consist of more than two persons?

In principle, participants are required to form teams consisting of one director and one designer. Yet it is acceptable that the team consists of more participants, e. g., a costume designer. On our website, at “Online Registration”, fields for more participants can be added. Below the input mask for registering “team member 2” you can find the option “add new team member”. When clicking the grey lettering further masks for registering additional team members appear.


Is it also possible for a single person (responsible for both stage direction and design) to participate in the competition?

Yes, single submissions are acceptable.


I will already be 36 years old in 2016: which date of birth will qualify me to participate in the competition? Can one team member have already passed the age limit if the other person is under 36?

Persons born on 8 August 1980 or later qualify to participate in the RING AWARD. This applies to all team members.


Which data need to be submitted at online registration?

  • personal data (name, address, nationality, date of birth, contact data)
  • scans of passport and of receipt certifying payment of registration fee
  • brief curriculum vitae (course of studies taken, previous artistic activities)
  • short versions of the director’s and designer’s conceptions for the whole opera “Don Pasquale”
  • a storyboard of the conceptions


Which form is the storyboard expected to take?

A storyboard is expected to explain on the basis of the complete score of the competition opera “Don Pasquale” the concrete activities on the stage (directions and design) step by step in the sequence of scenes. It is also essential to consider the musical text. The individual formation of the storyboard is left to the participants’ own decision. It may consist of model photos describing the scenes, or of drawn images with stage directions.


Which file formats can be used for online registration, and what is the maximum size of the files?

For file uploads you may use the formats .pdf, .jpg, .png and .gif (other formats are not supported by the system and lead to a complete cancellation of the registration). No file must be larger than 3 MB. In case of incorrect inputs the files need to be re-uploaded.


Which items should the portfolios sent by post contain?

  • description/presentation of the director‘s and designer‘s conceptions of the complete opera “Don Pasquale”
    As, in contrast to the online registration, submissions by post have no data limits, the portfolio should be more elaborate. Yet the material (folders, etc.) must not exceed the measure of DIN A3. (The online registration should contain a concise version of the portfolio.) The proposed concept (technical drawings, set layouts, etc.) must conform to the stage of Schauspielhaus Graz and bear in mind the technical conditions of the venue. The drawings can be downloaded here.
  • a film file of five minutes‘ length at most (CD-ROM, DVD) of an already realised project (if available)


What needs to be carefully observed when submitting the portfolio in order to guarantee anonymity?

It has to be strictly observed that the names of the participants as well as any other information which would enable their identification (institutions, etc.) do not appear on the cover of the portfolio or anywhere else on the texts or pictures, etc. Anyone not complying with this regulation will be excluded from the competition.


At which stage of the competition is the maximum limit of the budget (stage design: € 17.500, costumes: € 6.500, makeup: €1.000) of relevance?

The budget applies to the stage realization of the first act of “Don Pasquale” at the finals. Nonetheless the budget should already be kept in mind when submitting the designs as their feasibility within the given budget is an essential assessment criterion of the competition. Any cost overruns at the stage of preparation for the finals give reason for an exclusion from the competition and offer other contestants an opportunity of moving up.


What is the deadline for registration and submission?

For both the online registration and the submission by post (date of postmark) the deadline is 8 August 2016.