The three stages of the competition:

Step 1


Taking into account the musical text, the teams develop a complete stage direction concept as well as stage design sketches including figurines for the entire competition opera “L’Orfeo” by Claudio Monteverdi. In October 2024, the jury will nominate nine teams for the semifinal based on the (anonymized) concepts received. A Sustainability Prize is awarded at this stage of the competition.

Timetable for Teams
Call opens: Tue, April 23, 2024
Submission portal opens: Mon, Mai 27, 2024
Submission deadline: Mon, September 16, 2024
Nomination of semifinal teams: Thu, Oktober 3, 2024

Step 2

SEMIFINAL: January 16-18, 2025 at Next Liberty

The teams advancing to the semi-finals are expected to submit a detailed conception for the part of “L’Orfeo” that will be realized in the final with a stage design (model 1: 25) and to submit a storyboard for it. A concept discussion, a practice rehearsal and a feasibility test of the set and costume design will provide the jury with information about background and technical skills and are incorporated into the jury’s overall assessment. Finally, the production concepts (direction, set and costume design, dramaturgy) are presented to the RING AWARD jury at an audience event (max. 20 minutes per team). The jury nominates three teams for the final.

A Dramaturgy Prize, an Audience Prize and the Prize of the Honorary President will also be awarded in the semifinal.

Timetable for Teams
Submission deadline for storyboard: Mon, January 6, 2025
Concept talks and work rehearsals: Thu & Fri, January 16-17,  2025
Preparation of presentation areas: Fri, January 17, 2025
Public presentation: Sat, January 18, 2025
Nomination of final teams: Sat, January 18, 2025

Semifinal for Audiences
The public event will take place on Saturday, January 18, 2025 at Next Liberty Graz.

Step 3

COMPETITION FINAL: June 28 & 29, 2025 at Schauspielhaus Graz 

The task of the third stage of the competition is to complete the specified part of the competition opera (act II from Ritornello before Orfeo: “Vi ricorda o boschi ombrosi” until act III, Sinfonia after Orfeo: “Rendetemi il mio ben, Tartare numi” – without the choruses) within 8 working days (June 16-26, 2025) with an assigned team of singers and musical accompaniment. In view of the competition’s focus and objectives, musical accompaniment will be provided by piano. The final teams must submit the piano scores specifically prepared for the performance to the organiser. The opera part thereby created will be performed in the final (June 28 & 29,  2025) at Schauspielhaus Graz before the jury and audiences. Each team has the same budget for the realisation (which must not be exceeded under any circumstances) and all teams have the same venue conditions.

Timetable for Teams
Submission deadline for set and costume designs: Fri, February 28,  2025
Submission deadline for adapted piano score arrangements: Tue, April 1, 2025
Arrival in Graz: Mon, Juni 16, 2025
The rehearsals with singers: Mon, 16 – Thu, 26 June 2025
Dress rehearsals : Thu, 26 or Fri, 27 June 2025
Performances: Sat, 28 & Sun, 29 June 2025

Competition Final for Audiences
The three performances of the final teams will take place on Saturday, 28 and Sunday, 29 June 2025 at Schauspielhaus Graz.