News Tobias Kratzer wins DER FAUST 2018

Tobias Kratzer wins DER FAUST 2018

“Der Faust” Theatre Prize 2018 in the category “Best Director in Musical Theatre” went to RING AWARD 08 winner Tobias Kratzer for his production of Richard Wagner’s “Götterdämmerung” (“Twilight of the Gods”) at Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe. “Der Faust” honours artists who do ground-breaking work for German theatre.

From the jury statement:

“Kratzer’s Götterdämmerung at Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe shows a rare conceptual coherence and precision. Despite Wagner’s ‘heaviness’ he is able to create a lightness that makes the music appear almost to be dancing. His direction sparkles with surprising ideas that are never an end in themselves but full of playful lightness and nonetheless also interpretative depth. Due to his excellent work with singers he achieves a stunning degree of intensity. He reflects the genre of opera on a metalevel without ever becoming self-referential and develops a figure-oriented plot that shows us true-to-life characters on stage. With this production Tobias Kratzer succeeds in making a strong and absolutely individual statement.”