News RING AWARD 20 – what’s new?

RING AWARD 20 – what’s new?

…the jury:

The RING AWARD 20 Jury now consists of 20 opera and theatre directors as well as renowned musical theatre professionals from all over Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands) who will judge the participating teams in all three rounds of the competiton. Who is in the RING AWARD 20 Jury? Find out here!

…directorial approaches:

To reflect its cutting-edge perspective in view of recent developments in staging musical theatre, the competition is open to various directorial approaches and scenic and musical experimentation (montage, cuts, external material). However, some regulations need to be observed: material from the original musical score must remain in the adapted version; the adaption needs to be performable on piano; generally the character of the competition opera must remain recognizable.


In the competition final, the teams have 8 working days to rehearse the given part of the competition oper with singers and musicians. Each final team has one allotted team of singers. For the RING AWARD 20, one team will be from Oper Graz again, new are teams from Theater an der Wien and Deutsche Oper Berlin.


Photo (c) Nicolas Galani