News Live Stream of the RING AWARD Final

Live Stream of the RING AWARD Final

Thanks to OperaVision, we were able to offer the final weekend via online live stream for the first time! For all those who could not make it to the Schauspielhaus Graz or who simply want to enjoy innovative musical theater from the comfort of their own home, the stream is available until December 2021.

Winner >RING AWARD<: “Don Giovanni. The Reckoning”

Team Anika Rutkofsky (DE) / Eleni Konstantatou (GR) / Johanna Danhauser (DE)


Province of Styria Prize: “The Don Giovanni Syndrome”

Team Krystian Lada (PL) / Didzis Jaunzems (LV) / Natalia Kitamikado (PL)


City of Graz Prize: “Inside Don Giovanni”

Team Alicia Geugelin (DE) / Christin Schumann (DE) / Pia Preuß (DE) / Elise Schobeß (DE)