News “Don Giovanni” at Theater Bremen

“Don Giovanni” at Theater Bremen

Huge success for Tatjana Gürbaca – finalist of the RING AWARD 2000 – with her “Don Giovanni” at Theater Bremen (premiered on October 20, 2019). An idiosyncratic, well thought out, complex production with intense personal direction.

More exciting interpretations of the “opera of all operas” can be experienced at the RING AWARD 20 Semifinal (on January 11, 2020 in Graz/Austria), when nine semifinal teams will present their visions of the competition opera, “Don Giovanni”.

Excerpts from the reviews of Gürbaca’s new production:

“Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his librettist Lorenzo da Ponte preferred what was complex and ambiguous and were interested in the interlocking of blackmail and gambling for personal gain at strategically planned promiscuity dates across social boundaries. And Gürbaca has no interest in simplifying this complexity in the light of the #MeToo debate. For her, “Don Giovanni” is also not about virtue and guilt, but about lust and meaning in a world of which no one knows who really wanted it.”

Jan Brachmann, FAZ


In Bremen one can now experience a fierce travesty of “Don Giovanni” into the psychograms and aesthetics of today’s entertainment films, which Gürbaca has brilliantly worked out and stunningly flung on the stage.

Detlef Brandenburg, Die Deutsche Bühne


A “heart of stone” he [Leporello] attests his master, whose lack of restraint, however, electrifies him. Gürbaca carves these contradictions out clearly. People nestle up and push each other away, they flock together and scatter asunder. Solidarity is only with oneself.

Iris Hetscher, Weser Kurier


Photos (c) Jörg Landsberg