by Gaetano Donizetti

Conditions of submission

The competition is public and candidates from all countries are welcome to participate. Directors and designers who can show proof of appropriate professional training or artistic experience and who have not yet staged an independent production at a major theatre are eligible to enter. Participants should not be more than 35 years of age (day of birth 8th of August 1980 or later). All candidates are in principle required to form teams, each consisting of one director and one designer. In any case of dispute as to eligibility to enter the competition the decision taken by the RING AWARD Jury shall be final.

The following condition is binding for a prospective stage realisation of the first act of the competition opera in the competition finals: 
Strict compliance with the allotted maximum budget of:

EUR 17.500 for the stage design 
EUR 6.500 for the costumes
EUR 1.000 for makeup

All budgets include costs for materials, stage workshops (labour hours), and value-added tax (20 %). 

Keeping within budget is an essential element of competition assessment. Budget overruns lead to disqualification and give other candidates a chance to further compete. The set and costume designs are put into effect by the workshops of art + event in Graz. Calculations are also developed by the management of the respective workshops based on the submitted original set and costume designs. The performances in the finals take place at Schauspielhaus Graz, on whose stage preconditions calculations within the given budget need to be based.

Participants accept that submitted project data may be used for RING AWARD PR after the submission deadline has passed. For organisational reasons, the submission material, or parts of it, cannot be returned. The submission is in two parts: online registration and postal delivery of a portfolio.

Participants are being informed that after the competition has ended an initiative called »RING AWARD on Tour« will be started within which they will have an opportunity of presenting their concepts at further venues outside Graz. They are expected to be willing to participate in this initiative as occasion arises.


Registration is exclusively possible by filling in the online form and contains the following data for each participating team member:

– personal data (name, nationality, date of birth, contact data)
– scans of passport and of receipt certifying payment of registration fee
– brief curriculum vitae (course of studies taken, previous artistic activities)

In addition, each team is required to attach the following:

– short versions of the director‘s and designer‘s conceptions for the competition opera 
– a storyboard of the conceptions 

A storyboard is expected to explain on the basis of the complete score of the competition opera “Don Pasquale” the concrete activities on the stage (directions and design) step by step in the sequence of scenes. It is also essential to consider the musical text. The individual formation of the storyboard is left to the participants’ own decision. It may consist of model photos describing the scenes, or of drawn images with stage directions.


The portfolios are expected to be submitted by surface mail either in German or English to the following address:

Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst 
Institut 11 Bühnengestaltung / Ring Award 17
Leonhardstrasse 82-84
8010 Graz

It has to be strictly observed that the names of the participants as well as any other information which would enable their identification (institutions, etc.) do not appear on the cover of the portfolio or anywhere else on the texts or pictures, etc. Anyone not complying with this regulation will be excluded from the competition.

The Portfolio should contain the following items:

– description/presentation of the director‘s and designer‘s conceptions of the complete opera »Don Pasquale«. The material (folders etc.) must not exceed the measure of DIn A3. 
– a film file of five minutes‘ length at most (CD-ROM, DVD) of an already realised project (if available).

The conception must comply with the following condition:
sketches compatible with the stage of the Schauspielhaus Graz, which strictly observe the technical preconditions at the site. Blueprints can be downloaded from the website.

The registration fee for each team is EUR 50.
All payments must be free of charge to the recipient, i. e., entrants must ensure that they pay all bank charges of the remitting bank and those of the receiving bank:

Raiffeisenbank Graz-Strassgang
account number: 33 446 6 
bank number: 38 439 
international codes:
IBAN: AT80 3843 9000 0033 4466
Make payable to: »Ring Award 17«

All candidates who are accepted as competitors will receive confirmation of their acceptance by e-mail. Registration and submission deadline: 8 August 2016 (date of postmark).


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