RING AWARD 2017 enters its second decisive phase. 89 teams, consisting of 200 participants from 24 countries, have entered 8th edition of our international competition for stage direction and stage design in the musical theatre. 2017 also marks the 20th anniversary of the RING AWARD. We proudly look back on 581 teams, consisting of altogether 1.239 participants from 49 countries.

The Semi-finalist Teams of the RING AWARD 2017 (in alphabetical order!):

Andrea Bernard (I) / Alberto Beltrame (I) / Elena Beccaro (I)
Barbora Horakova Joly (CZ) / Cornelia Schmidt (D)                                        
Luise Kautz (D) / Lani Tran Duc (F) / Hannah Barbara Bachmann (D) / Antonia Goldhammer (D)
Béatrice Lachaussée (F) / Dominique Wiesbauer (A) / Nele Ellegiers (D)
Claudia Isabel Martin (D) / Julia Katharina Berndt (D) / Janina Zell (D)
Sergei Morozov (RUS) / Aleksandra Alekseeva (RUS)                                      
Wolfgang Nägele (D) / Hannah König (A) / Isabelle Bischof (CH)
Jeanne Pansard-Besson (F) / Cléo Laigret (F) / Alice Anselmi (I)
Morten K. Roesen (DK) / Karin Gille (SWE)                                   
Valentin Schwarz (A) / Andrea Cozzi (I)                                    
Yuliia Zhuravkova (UKR) / Bohdan Polishchuk (UKR)

Participating Countries: Germany (8), Italy (5), France (4), Austria (3), Russia (2), Ukraine (2), Czech Republic (1), Denmark (1), Sweden (1), Switzerland (1)                                          

Number of Participants 2017: This year we boast a record number of Austrian participants with 27 entrants. Front runner in 2017 remains Germany with 72 participants, followed by Italy with 37, and Austria with its 27 participants.

We are happy to have received our first entries from Belarus and Columbia.