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News – Ring Award 2014

TRAUMFABRIK (c) Brotfabrik Berlin


The German stage director Holger Müller-Brandes, winner of the first RING AWARD in 1997, traces the fascinating interleaving of film stories and real history at the Berlin Brotfabrik, where he explores the longing and playfulness with dreams that the film promises and that real life by contrast actually lives out.

DREAM FACTORY, a homage to Berlin film pioneers Mia and Joe May, sounds out the world of showbiz in all its facets from Berlin to Hollywood, from yesterday until now.
Opening night is on 26 November.

Catch a glimpse of rehearsals – here!

Musical Firework

The German stage director Christiane Lutz has started rehearsals at Theater an der Wien for a production of Handel’s RINALDO to be premiered on 4 December 2014.
No other opera by the composer was given more often during his lifetime than RINALDO, an opera that forms a musical and scenic firework of special qualities and is full of melodic ideas which Handel put to paper for the opera’s world premiere in 1711.

At the RING AWARD 14 finals, this offer of a production at Theater an der Wien was a prize awarded by Intendant Roland Geyer to the team Lutz/Maraval. 


Rosenkavalier © Sebastian Kowski

Memento mori

Vera Nemirova, stage director, born in Bulgaria, and master disciple of Peter Konwitschny, won the RING AWARD in 2000 and the Encouragement Prize of the ‘Musical Theatre Today’ Academy sponsored by the Bank of Germany in 2002. In March 2006 she received the Art Award Berlin of the Berlin Academy of Arts, section Performing Arts. Her productions were nominated several times by the leading German journal ‘Opernwelt’.
Vera Nemirova is well known to many opera fans and to the international press by her highly acclaimed interpretation of Wagner’s RING OF THE NIBELUNG at Frankfurt Opera. Her much-discussed tetralogy (starting with THE RHINEGOLD in May 2010) saw its completion and culmination in THE TWILIGHT OF THE GODS on 29 January 2012. The opening night’s audience enthusiastically welcomed the production, which has meanwhile reached a cult status as the famous ‘RING with the disks’.

On the occasion of Richard Strauss’s 150th birthday anniversary, Vera Nemirova has brought out a new production of DER ROSENKAVALIER (THE ROSE-BEARER) at the Weimar National Theatre. The story tells a comedy of mistaken identity at the centre of which we find Princess Werdenberg, the Field-Marshal’s wife, as a great moral authority reflecting on the transience of human life.


Der Junge und das Meer (c) Lukas Beck

Happy Birthday, Ben

On the occasion of Benjamin Britten’s, the great composer’s, 100th birthday anniversary, the Vienna Boys’ Choir will sing, play and make music with Nikolaus Habjan, Styrian puppet player, who recently celebrated a most successful and highly acclaimed opening night at the Schauspielhaus Graz. The stage director of this special musical performance at MuTh (Music & Theatre Vienna) is Christiane Lutz. The German director together with her set designer Natascha Maraval won the jury’s Adjunct Prize of EUR 2000 at the RING AWARD 14 finals, in addition to offers for productions at Theater an der Wien and Staatstheater Cottbus. In „Der Junge und das Meer“ (“The Boy and the Sea”) she has developed a concept for a scenic concert based on Benjamin Britten’s children’s opera “Golden Vanity”, which the famous English composer wrote especially for the Vienna Boys’ Choir in 1966.

To be seen at MuTh on 7 & 8 November 2014. 


“Austria’s Puppet Artist Number One”

Last Friday Nikolaus Habjan and two actors from the ensemble of Schaupielhaus Graz let ‚the puppets dance‘ at the theatre’s Rehearsal Stage. Albert Camus’s “The Misunderstanding”, under the direction of Habjan, has already turned into the great public success of the season: few spare tickets are left for all remaining performances.

The “Kronen Zeitung” headline calls the young Styrian artist “Austria’s Puppet Artist Number One” who together with his actor colleagues is able to “fascinate and move the audience with their (puppet) play”. “Do not miss this evening!

Orest (c) Neue Oper Wien

Suing himself …

Nikolaus Webern, who in 2011 won the ring.award.off for his stage design of a new adaptation of the operetta “Die Fledermaus” (“The Bat”), has now become responsible for the sets of “Orest”, Manfred Trojahn’s contemporary work to be brought out by Neue Oper Wien (New Opera Vienna). Neue Oper Wien, since 1990 specialized in modern musical theatre, exclusively concentrates on works of the 20th and 21st centuries and offers an ideal platform for world premieres and Austrian first performances.

From 28 October 2014, Orestes, haunted matricide, will be on the run from himself. We meet him as a homeless social outcast condemned to relive over and over again his own disastrous life story. At Halle E of the Vienna MuseumsQuartier, this tragical hero finally carries on a grim lawsuit against himself, both as defendant and judge, which will – possibly – result in redemption. 

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